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bess and finn

Welcome to The Bow House!

Hi, I am Sara and with my husband, Phil, we run The Bow House, a Holiday Boarding (in my home), service or as we prefer to call it, a ‘Boutique Dog Hotel.’ Our aim is to be the best home boarding service for dogs in Portsmouth!

Come and see us and then go and see everyone else, to see if you agree!

Holiday Boarding: In the comfort of our spacious home, 3 floor Georgian house in Southsea, we will look after your dog while you are away on holiday or business, allowing your dog to enjoy all the comforts of home, plenty of exercise, on two hour long dog walks a day(and a walk round the block last thing at night!), and at home, games, toys, chews and a small number of other dogs to play with, or, comfy beds and quiet places to rest and relax. Your dog has the choice to do what it wants to do. Young dogs can play and keep busy, older dogs can ‘chill out’ and relax in a bed or one of our ‘dog sofas’…

Your dog’s wellbeing is our priority, so we do not board more than 4 dogs at a time. We feel that, this way, your dog gets more individual attention and affection.

Why choose to board your dog at The Bowhouse?

Well, there’s lots of reasons why in the rest of the website, under services, testimonials, etc,.  However, what makes us stand out, we think, is that I am a qualified Dog Training Instructor, and I am working towards the prestigious KCAI award (Kennel Club Dog Training Instructor).

And, your dog will genuinely live as part of our family.  Your dog will be completely ‘free range’ in 2 floors of our house and garden, all day long, every day.   No crating.  No confinement. No being left alone.

View a gallery of our happy guests here at home with us, or out on walkies, by clicking here..

We have a fully enclosed courtyard garden and dogs have free access to it all day long!

We are fully equipped with comfy bedding, crates, bowls, a toy box, a comprehensive Dog First Aid Kit and everything else your dog could require.

We are fully licensed by Portsmouth City Council – feel free to ask to see the license.

We are fully insured to board and walk dogs.  Please feel free to ask to see our policy documents.

Our van has been converted for the safe and comfortable transportation of dogs.  Dogs are transported in secure, individual crates, with bedding and individual crate fans.   A Dog First Aid Kit is carried on board at all times.   Water and a bowl is always carried for refreshment on walkies.