bess obedient b+Q.Full Home Holiday Boarding service.  Get in touch if you’d like to have a chat, find out more, arrange a visit or if you are a regular, make a booking. All the comforts of home while you are away and your dog treated as a member of the family.

  • Individual private lessons with  pet obedience training (recall, heelwork etc,.)

Please note:
All boarders must be fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and tagged. Your dog must also be up to date with effective flea, tick and worm treatments. Unfortunately, there are a number of flea products on the market which simply do not work – please ask us for details.  I would prefer it if your dog was vaccinated against kennel cough.  On arrival at our house, we will give your dog a basic health check – eyes, ears, mouth, body, paws and tail.   If we think your dog may be ill/suffering from an infectious condition, such as Kennel Cough, Conjunctivitis, Ear Mites, or an infestation of ANY kind, etc, we reserve the right to refuse to board your dog and we will refund your deposit.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE:  PLEASE READ!  It is worth using a really good, vet prescribed treatment (such as Advocate) because they cover a wider range of pests than the off the shelf, cheaper treatments you can buy in the pet shop and are proven to be properly effective. Also, be sure to keep up to date with it.  Advocate, for example,  is an excellent monthly treatment and it needs to be used ALL YEAR ROUND.    For example, Sarcoptic Mange is a horrible condition which it is not unusual or rare in the Portsmouth area and can be deeply distressing, even fatal, to your dog,   Lungworm is an increasingly worrying, also potentially fatal threat – especially given the effect of our unpredictable weather this last year, on the slug and snail population.  Please note: in the event of a case of mange, fleas or an infestation of any kind, we will have to close The Bow House to fumigate and return your dogs to you or their nominated emergency contacts, if you are abroad.  So please, would everyone be absolutely religious about keeping properly up to date with good quality, vet-prescribed treatments.  Let’s keep all our dogs healthy and happy and let you enjoy your holiday, worry-free!

We regret, we do not accept un-neutered adult male dogs for holiday boarding.

We do accept un-neutered bitches, if they are not in season or shortly due to come into season.

Our van

Our van has fitted crates for the safe transportation of dogs.  All crates have a mat.  The rear seats are fitted with doggie seat belts, for the transportation of giant breeds or dogs who are not crate trained.  All of the crates have a crate fan, for the hotter months of the year.  On board, we carry:  a substantial doggy first aid kid, clean towels, toys, spare leads, cleaning materials for any misadventures in muddy puddles or close encounters with Fox Poo, as well as treats and a good supply of poo bags, of course.  The van is stickered so that people are aware that animals are in transit.